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MIMB Meet Up


Assalamualaikum WBT,

Bismillahhirahma nirrahim

Welcome to India Muslim traders gathering.


India  Muslim traders are involved in various trades and business and been in business for decades.

A strong communication between traders is needed to bring us together for better future.



The reason we are meeting is to share business ideas and discuss how to enhance business in the future, especially among Indian Muslims.

Let’s hope this event will bring together Indian Muslim traders and will benefit the attendees.

Your attendance is much appreciated . We are looking forward for to grow stronger through group meetings. Similar programs should be conducted in various parts of country.



Time Details
4:00 PM Registration
4:30 Welcome Speech Mr AMZ Harun
4:35 Recital of Doa by Moulana Ashraf
5:00 PM  Introduction by Mr Amir Deen
5:10 PM Speech by Muhammad Ridhwan IMAN Bureau of Economy
5:20 PM Introduction by attendees

  • Name
  • Nature of Business
6:00 PM Tea & Asar Prayers

Feedback from paraticipants is much aprciated. Thank You

Special Thanks to

Madam Faridah Begum

Mr Sultan ( Video )
Mr Jailani ( Refreshments )
Ms Sharmila Kabeer ( Goody Bags )
Mr Mohamed Ali, Mr Amir Deen and Moulana Ashraf


















Tea break


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